OpenVPN Configuration Setup on Android

You can connect to StarVPN VPN servers using the OpenVPN open source software for Android OS.

Step1 – Register an account with StarVPN

Head on over to our pricing plan options and choose a VPN plan that suits your needs.   You can register on checkout or directly here.

Step 2 – VPN Login Information

Log into the StarVPN member dashboard here.  You can find your VPN username and password for each slot in the Manage Slots Section or dashboard area.

If you have multiple slots, the VPN configuration settings and credentials can be located in the “Manage Slots” section.

Step 3 – Choose your IP Type

Choose the type of IP you want to connect to.  Options include – Static Residential, Mobile, Rotating or Datacenter.  Once the selection is made, choose the Country, Region and ISP respective to the IP Type category you wish to connect to.

Step 4 – Download OpenVPN Configuration Files

The next step, you must download the VPN server configuration files necessary so that the OpenVPN Software knows where to connect to.   Download the configuration file in the members area dashboard.  This will be the only config file required to connect to all VPN access points.

Step 5 – Download the OpenVPN Connect App

  • Head on over to the Play Store and search for “openvpn“.  
Screenshot_20180428-205931_Google Play Store2
  • Download and install the app on your android device
  • Open the app to begin the configuration process
Screenshot_20180428-210027_Google Play Store

Step 6 – Configure OpenVPN

  • Launch the OpenVPN Android app, select “OVPN Profile“.
Screenshot_20180428-210034_OpenVPN Connect
  • Select the StarVPN OpenVPN configuration file you downloaded earlier.  Drag and drop the file to import the profile.
Screenshot_20180428-210143_OpenVPN Connect
  • Enter your StarVPN VPN Username and Password found in the member area dashboard.
Screenshot_20180428-210217_OpenVPN Connect

Step 6 – Connect to VPN Server

  • Launch the OpenVPN Android client app
  • Toggle the on/off slider to the “on” position to connect to the StarVPN VPN profile you imported earlier.
Screenshot_20180428-210237_OpenVPN Connect
  • When the app presents you with a Connection request option, select “OK
  • You will be given an option to Select a Certificate,  press “Continue
Screenshot_20180428-210256_OpenVPN Connect
  • You’re all done!  Once a successful connection is established, the app will display a “connected” status.
Screenshot_20180428-210308_OpenVPN Connect

Once you are connected, login to the StarVPN dashbard to configure your IP Type, Geo-location and ISP. No additional configuration files are required.