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HTTP(s) + SOCKS5 with IP Authorization

Wireguard, OpenVPN, MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS Apps

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Work remote with residential proxies

Bypass VPN/Proxy detection to access your work VPN and intranet resources from anywhere around the world. Access our network with our existing data-connection tools without the need for 3rd party software installations.

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Avoid restrictions and blocks with the fastest most reliable residential IP's on the market. Used by thousands of businesses and fortune 500 companies, industry leading mobile, home residential and ISP residential proxies.

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Reliable data collection tools for all your client tasks


Web data extraction

Scrape data from around the globe utilizing our rotating residential IP's and never worry about IP Bans again.


Online Shopping

The perfect choice for bulk online purchases including Sneakers, Tickets, E-Commerce, Retail and more!


Local Classifieds

Post on hundreds of local classified sites for testing website functionality and performance.



Use our API and IP Automation tools to curate the web for the most up to date, accurate SEO monitoring data.


Price Comparison

Gather data and compare prices across major online retailers world-wide, quick and easy utilizing our region selector.


Web Unlocker

Continue accessing your favorite streaming content securely without compromising speed or quality.

Why customers choose StarVPN Residential Proxies

Blazing Fast Speeds

We only provide the fastest 1Gbps backbone connections to Tier 1 ISP’s via dedicated fiber circuits.

Region & ISP Level Targeting

Target any Country, Region/State, ISP Carrier and ASN in the world.  Instantly update IP’s within our App or StarVPN dashboard.

Access From Any Device

Bypass work from home OS policy restrictions by configuring our proxies on your router without 3rd party software installations.

Best Network Infrastructure

StarVPN’s residential proxies are distributed globally and backed by Cloudflare GSLB (Global Service Load Balancing).

Top Residential IP Speeds

High speed and unmetered usage. Spend more time focusing on your business and less worrying about overage fees.

Millions of Residential IP’s

Home Residential, Mobile, ISP Static, we have it all! 99.99% Network Uptime, plus a real-time network usage monitor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A home rotating/sticky residential proxy acts as an exit node between you and a home residential internet user.  This IP is hosted on an individuals private home internet connection and target sites will appear from the source IP of this end user.  This makes our residential proxy network highly effective and immune to blocks.

By default you are allowed to add up to 5 authorized IP’s.  For orders of 10 or more slots, you will be allowed 10 authorized IP’s.

Static residential IPS are ISP provided static blocks hosted in Tier 1 facilities and provide the best and most reliable speeds.  These IP’s are leased from providers (ie. Comcast, Verizon) for commercial use and connect to StarVPN’s infrastructure via dedicated circuits.

Datacenter proxies are hosted in datacenters or cloud hosting facilities.  IP’s being used by providers are more prone to detection as they are revealed publicly and ASN advertisements are registered to known datacenter providers.   On the other hand,  they are fast and reliable.

Residential proxies are hosted by real home internet users,  IP’s are assigned and advertised by real world ISP providers and not hosting companies, there are no tell-tale signs of a proxy network.  Thus,  you can scale your operations almost indefinitely with access to a global pool of IP’s.

ISP static residential proxies are geared towards high volume, low latency workloads such as VOIP, online gaming or remote work which requires non interrupted 99% uptime network connectivity for sensitive applications such as video conferencing.

Home residential and mobile proxies allow you to view content, perform ad verification, quality assurance and more from a user perspective. Some of the popular ways that businesses leverage ISP Proxies are for web data extraction, marketing on social media, AdTechWebsite Testing, TravelSEO, and more.

Our infrastructure is designed for scale and flexibility,  you have the ability to configure a proxy IP country/region/isp remotely via the StarVPN dashboard.  This makes reselling a possibility.   Once an IP is assigned to a users profile (IP Auth) it can be managed centrally through the dashboard.

When purchasing a plan you are presented with an option to choose the number of slots.  Think of a slot as a subaccount under your main login account.   You can have multiple subaccounts (over 50), all in which gives you the options to configure a unique IP profile (ip type/isp/country/region).  Each slot will contain a different domain:port to connect to our proxies so you can scale your operations dynamically as demand increases by simply upgrading number of slots.

Please refer to our pricing page here.   All proxies include VPN access as well,  IP’s are shared between your VPN and Proxy connections and can be access simultaneously.

Our enterprise solution differs from the business and premium plan proxies in a number of ways.

  • Supports username:password authentication
  • Create up to 1000 or more sub-users. This allows you to centrally manage usage across all your affiliates.
  • Create and delete sub-users remotely via our API or web dashboard
  • Update IP INSTANTLY for any of your sub-users via API or web dashboard
  • Monitor real time usage for all sub-users under your primary user account
  • Pay-as-you-go; top up data buckets within your billing period if you are close to reaching your plan capacity
  • Choose worldwide locations (over 100), regions and ISP’s within those regions (many available).
  • Choose between Enterprise residential proxies and Enterprise mobile proxies. The Mobile proxy plan includes all the features of the enterprise residential with the addition of 4G mobile IP’s.