Frequently Asked Questions

General Topics

We, at StarVPN are a global VPN and SOCKS Proxy provider specializing in Residential IP Network Services.  We are proud to be the worlds largest Residential VPN Service provider,  our servers are distributed globally across major POP’s and we partner with LLC ISP Providers delivering the most reliable and fastest VPN connections to support high demand optimized applications.

Our pricing structure is simple and flexible, we offer an array of services that suit each individuals needs.  Our pricing model is monthly subscription based on number of product bundles. We offer long term contract discounts and monthly payments including a no obligation cancellation policy.  We accept Paypal, Credit card and Bitcoin Payment processors with the option to choose automated recurring monthly bill payments.


Please visit our webpage for further pricing details.

Once an order is placed your service will be provisioned within seconds.  You will receive an email with a set of simple instructions on how to log into your dashboard and begin configuring the services.   The member area dashboard induces an interactive setup guide to get you started in no time.

We are available via Email and Ticketing Systems.  Business customers can reach us via Skype IM.

Hacking, SMTP mail relays and all other illegal activity.

Due to the sensitive nature of Residential IP’s, we only allow refunds on a case by case basis.  For security purposes, we generally do not provide refunds for residential IP to prevent churn and burn.  We must protect the integrity of our network, however, with proper justification we do make exceptions to the rule.


Yes.  We have contracts with LLC ISP’s which allow us to advertise Residential Broadband IP’s on our network.  Our curating system ensures frequent scanning, detection and replacement of bad IP’s.  It is difficult to guarantee, but a majority of our IP Blocks fraudscore rating is 0.

Our VPN and SOCKS Proxy Packages include the following IP options:


Static Residential IP’s

  • Hosted in Tier 1 Datacenters
  • ISP Residential Dedicated Circuit
  • Region Geo Targeting
  • Broadband Residential Carriers (Comcast, Verizon etc..)


Rotating/Sticky Residential IP’s

  • Real home user Cable/DSL Network
  • Adjustable Rotating Timer
  • Country Targeting
  • Sticky IP (Only update IP when its Dead)


Mobile Wireless 4G IP’s

  • Dedicated private SIM
  • Verizon/T-Mobile/Sprint Carriers
  • Region Targeting


Datacenter IP’s

  • Hosted in Co-located Datacenters
  • Global Country Region Targeting

Static IP

We allocated a pool of IP’s to each client upon registration.  The Static IP Pool can be anywhere from 50-100 IP per month.  These IP’s stick with you for the duration of your contract.  You have the choice to update the IP in the dashboard to a fresh unused IP up to 20 times per month..


Rotating IP

Rotating IP’s are routed to actual home user devices,  as such, the pool is much bigger.  We estimate around 5M USA IP’s and 20M globally in the rotating IP pool.  These IP’s auto rotate,  you will likely never pull the same IP twice.


All plans include exclusive access to both VPN and SOCKS Proxies!

Static Residential IP = 20

Mobile Wireless IP = 20

Rotating Residential IP = 500

Datacenter IP = 500

For OpenVPN, you can connect up to 3 devices simultaneously across all servers,  with Wireguard you can have one device connected per server.  For each slot purchased, you will be given a unique VPN Username/Password (OpenVPN) and Public Key (Wireguard) to connect to the VPN server.  Each shared login will share the same IP on each device.  If you’d like to connect multiple devices at the same time with different IP,  you will need to order multiple slots.

For the SOCKS Proxies, you can authenticate up to 5 IP’s.  This means all 5 IP will have access to all slots and can connect at the same time.  Each slot will provide a unique Port so you can access to multiple IP’s at the same time.

We provide a pool of IP’s in which you can choose from.   Each pool contains thousands (static) to millions (rotating) of IP.  Each slot you purchased, you will be allowed to configure one IP from the pool of options available based on your package.

You can order multiple slots and configure them all under one account.  Each slot will give you the ability to configure a different unique IP which can be used across multiple devices at the same time.

Upon checkout, you will be given the option to choose the number of slots for your order. Multi slot packages discounts are factored into the price.

Once your order is placed and payment is processed, your Proxies and/or VPN service will be activated instantly!  Check your mail for setup instructions or log into the dashboard to get started right away.

We cannot guarantee our IP’s will work for every survey website/panel,  what we can tell you is that we have many satisfied customers using working on popular medium to high security sites such as Swagbucks, Lifepoints and CINT panels.   You’re best choice is to submit ticket and ask for a free trial before purchasing.

You will receive an email with step by step setup instructions once you complete your order.  Alternatively, we provide illustrative user guides on VPN and SOCKS Proxy configuration in our knowledge-base section which can be found here.

Openvpn depends on Windows TAP drivers to establish a two way encrypted network tunnel between your Windows desktop and the VPN server. Without these drivers, openvpn has no means of communiation. A standard error message will appear as “Exit error code 1“ on the StarVPN App or “Connecting to has failed” on the OpenVPN App. Follow these simple steps to reinstall TAP network adapter to resolve the issue.

Please follow this troubleshooting article to resolve the issue.