How to get a free lifetime VPN subscription

We are StarVPN offer a unique free VPN solution for anyone interested in online privacy and security without the hassle of online subscriptions and paying a monthly fee. Our free VPN program is suitable for individuals on a budget looking for peace of mind when connecting to public hot spots or free WiFi access points. In exchange, our service will utilize idle OS system resources when required. Your data and personal information will never be accessed or sold to 3rd party advertising agencies.

Our Free VPN solution offers a wide ranges of features that are generally not available with other free VPN providers.

Our features include:

  • 1000MB data transfer per day
  • Access to over 25 countries
  • No speed restrictions
  • Smart Streamer (Smart DNS Unblocker)
  • Datacenter IP
  • IP Updater utility
  • No Ads
  • No registration email confirmation
  • DNS leak protection
  • DNS Server locator
  • IPv6 Leak Protection
  • 3 Simultaneous device connections

Follow these simple steps to register for the Free VPN service (Note you must use the StarVPN App to access the Free VPN service)

Step 1 – Download the StarVPN App

Visit our homepage to download a copy of the StarVPN app here

Step 2 – Register via the StarVPN App

Once you have downloaded and installed the App, its time to create an account and signup for the free VPN service.

  • Click on “Create new Account
Create new account
  • Select “Activate Free VPN
Activate Free vPN
  • Enter your registration information.
Complete registration

Step 3 – Connect to VPN

That’s it .. you’re done! Now choose your VPN configuration settings and connect.