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How it works

The only Free VPN service with no ads, no throttling, web unblocker service and access to over 20 Countries over a secure encrypted network.

We believe online security and privacy should be a basic human right, so we provide a free version of StarVPN App to the general public. The free version is unlike the others, no pesky ads, no registration required and no up front payment requirements. Simply download our app to get started right away.

2000MB Daily Usage

Unlike other Free VPN providers who only provide 500MB / Month, we allow a generous 1GB usage per day without any hidden fees.

Geo Targetting

Get access to world wide datacenter VPN locations. Update IP and Change Country/Region without restrictions.

Blazing Fast Speeds

Enjoy no speed restrictions with our Free VPN plan. Download up to 1Gbps utilizing our Cloudflare VPN Network for low latency and optimal performance.

Features includes with Free VPN at no additional charge


No annoying ads and pop ups, enjoy fast and reliable Free VPN without disruptions.

BitTorrent Servers

Enable Anonymous BitTorrent VPN servers for safe and secure downloads.

Kill Switch

Prevents local network connections from being exposed when VPN is disconnected.

VPN Obfuscation

An additional layer of encryption to bypass the most advanced great firewalls.

DNS Server Location

Choose DNS Server Country location or use your Local DNS for the fastest response times!

WebRTC Protection

Keep your connection safe and secure from 3rd party API detectors.

Smart Streamer

Enables Smart DNS technology. Unblock access to websites and streaming services.

DNS Leak Protection

Choose from many DNS regions without exposing your local DNS server IP's.

IPv6 Leak Protection

Ensure your dual stack network does not leak IPv6 queries to the Internet.

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